Saturday, June 25, 2011

Blessings, my daughters!

The mother of three daughters, now all grown up. I still catch myself wondering where did the time go?
 It seems only yesterday Stacey was a little girl. Now she is a successful engineer, been married to Scott for more than 20 years and the wonderful mother of Tori, age 13, and Austin, about to be 11. My first daughter was born a few days after I had my 18th birthday. She was very active before she was born. I felt like she was doing flips and jumping jacks 24/7. When she was born the activity level did not slow down. Today she can get more done in 1 hour than most people do in one day! She has and is a blessing to me and the rest of our family and those that know her. I appreciate all the times she helps me with decisions or listens when I need to vent.
Stacey was my baby for almost fifteen years. In August of 1984 I had, Sarah Elizabeth. We named her after her sister, Stacey Elizabeth. Sarah has always called her Sissy.
Sarah was a precocious baby, gifted with language at a very young age. She was what I call an old soul. It seems she was not a baby very long. She was speaking sentences on her first birthday. She grew fast and was big for her age with long hair. It seemed she was born with poise and presence. When Sarah was only two her older brother, Shannon , barely 19 was killed in a terrible accident. I have felt a lot of guilt because of the terrible grief and despair that kept me from being a good mother for Sarah. God's grace does cover so much for Sarah was never a problem. She was always well liked with tons of friends and an excellent student. She enjoyed helping the younger kids at school. She went on mission trips with our church. I heard many people say that Sarah has a special gift working with children. All I know is she is a wonderful young lady, she has been a wonderful mother to Liam born 6 weeks premature. She manages a Star bucks store and does a great job. Sarah lives all the way to Nashville. I enjoy the times we spend together. I am thankful to have been blessed with my Sarah Beth.
Then along came baby girl number three. Andrea Jeanne, was a surprise. She is almost 20 years younger than Stacey and five years younger than Sarah. She is the only child I have ever known with multiple imaginary friends. Andie was born joyful. I remember her giggles before she could talk. It is hard not to smile when thinking about Andie. She makes everyone laugh. She is now almost 22 and is focused on school. She is planning on becoming a nurse. I know she will be a wonderful nurse, her gift is compassion.
One of my prayers is that these three sisters will someday have a strong bond. I hope they will want to spend time together, that they will know how much they are loved by me. I have people tell me often what a great mother I am to have such three great girls. I just don't feel like any credit is due. I think God, in his mercy and grace was able to fill in the gaps. He knows my heart and answered my prayers. I prayed for many years my daughters would not make the same mistakes as I, and  would have wonderful Godly husbands, would be healthy.
I continue to pray they walk with Jesus and for their protection from the evil one.
Thanks to the Lord God Almighty, my three daughters are my treasures!