Sunday, December 9, 2012

Grandson number 3, Jude

Thanksgiving 2012
I had a nice dinner with my Stacey and her family on Thursday and had the next three days off work. Andrea and Kevin had to work and of course Sarah, Ryan and Liam were all the way to Nashville so I was hanging out at home. I had talked with Ryan on Saturday and just got a feeling that there might be something going on with Sarah. Jude was not due to arrive until the end of December but since Liam came early I was not surprised when Ryan called me back and told me they were at the hospital monitoring Sarah's contractions. It was great that our dear Kirsten was visiting and available to care for Liam. Sunday afternoon the doc decided to send Sarah home for bedrest and medication. I thought to myself that it was not going to work but still prayed for her to go a few more weeks or even days. Jude decided he was ready to come so back to the hospital for the C section and Jude arrived around 830 pm, six pounds and 12 oz. Ryan called to see if I could come to help I had to go in and do payrole , then pack and get headed east. I was very blessed with enough paid day off to stay for 10 days. Oh the best days are those when the babies come and there is so much love in my heart for this little boy. Jude had issues with breathing, something that was not a problem for Liam. Liam had low weight and jaundice issues. Jude had periods of apnea but otherwise did well. I think we were allvery happy with the NICU. I was so glad to enjoy time with Liam. He is so much fun and filled with energy. I think he is such a good little guy and happy almost all the time. I was just glad to be there  so Sarah  and Ryan could go back to see Jude . Their  church and friends brought lots of great food but nobody could take care of Liam. I truly believe he and I bonded this visit. I can come to tears easily when I think about how far away he lives. I love how he says, "juju' and also calls "mom, mom" for me. Sarah said he keeps looking for me since I left.
About Jude, he is adorable with lots of hair. His hair is lighter in color than Liam's and he looks more like Ryan. Sarah had similar hair but her's was actually silver ( I have only seen one other baby with silver hair) It will be fun to watch how he changes in the months to come. He has the sweetestchuby cheeks, such long fingers and feet. It is hard to say if he has the chin dimple like Liam and Ryan because his face has more fat. It was very difficult to say goodbye and go back home on Wednesday but Jude came home that evening. From what I hear from the Hawks they are all doing great. It is not easy for me to live this far away. I am blessed to be close to Tori and Austin and very happy to have my job back in Fort Smith. Thankful also for Skype and being able to use the modern technology for communication.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

A short Visit with Liam and Sarah

September 22, 2012
Sarah and Liam made the trip from Nashville to Silaom Springs for her 10th high school reunion. I was very happy I got to have them at my house Saturday afternoon until Sunday morning. Liam seemed to have grown several inches, his legs are really long. He enjoyed the toys at my house and taking a bath with new bath toys I have for him.
Sarah looks very beautiful 26 weeks pregnant with Jude. She calls him tornado jude as he moves a lot more than Liam.
My prayers continue to be for her to go to term with this little boy and for him to grow up healthy and strong!
Oh, so many blessings in my life.
Very busy at work with people off and having to fill in as lab assistant , technologist and manager!
I am excited about October , my favorite month is almost here!!
God is good all the time, Liam on the trip home! Tori now a member of the National Honor Society (four generations) friend Mattison

Sunday, August 19, 2012

August 2012

I have not spent time writing JuJu's blessing in a long time. This doesn't mean that I have not been noticing the many blessings in my life.  
Tori, my granddaughter is 14 and I am looking up at her, I think she is about three inches taller than me. She danced classical ballet this spring in Canada and then western Arkansas ballet performed the play, The wizard of Oz, They did an awesome job, Tori danced the part of a flying monkey !
Austin played all summer on two baseball teams. It has been so hot that I did not go to many games this year. He did a great job my making not only the church league all star team but was chosen for the All State All Tournament team. I did make it to both of these events. I am very proud of my family!
My vacation was from July 9-24. I spent two nights in Forrest City with my only and favorite brother, JT AKA John Tom. I enjoyed time with him, Carolyn and my favorite twin nephews. I was so proud of how well mannered these two young men are. They have changed and grown up a lot in this past year. We went to Memphis one day and was happy the weather was cool. I had never been to Mudd Island .It was the perfect day to walk across the mighty Mississippi River and check this place out. I think my brother knows more history than is normal. He made the visit very enjoyable. We walked down Beale street until we were hungry. We visited Carolyn's sister at her lovely old home , I enjoyed all of her vintage furnishings. As the day came to an end we all had dinner before back to JT's to crash. I was up early on Wednesday to head on to Nashville. It was an easy drive with rain but not too hard. I was so happy to see the Hawks! Liam has grown from a baby to a little boy since I had seen him in March. I had learned in May about another little Hawk due in December so the hug from Sarah was very good. She looked good but tired. I bought a new ice cream maker so she could try a great recipe while I was there. I was the fill in baby sitter on Thursday and on Tuesday. Sarah was able to take Saturday off so we went out to lunch and some shopping. I always enjoy Nashville ! I went to worship with them and out to brunch at a very good place. They had taken me out to eat Greek on Friday evening and it was very good. Liam is such a sweet little boy and so much fun. He is good natured all the time and only fussed when waiting for his milk. He loves all kinds of foods and this is something to be thankful for. Sarah was so picky that I had wondered if her child would be the same.
I returned home a few days before going back to work. I wanted to spend time with Kevin and Andrea and they were able to come stay one night with me. I took them out for steaks and some shopping.
So the big thing to look forward to is the birth of my fourth grandchild and third grandson, what a blessing!

Another Blessing!

It has been way too long since I have taken time to blog. This does not mean I have not been noticing all the blessings God keeps on bringing to me,
I could write a ton of things tonight but it has been a long wonderful and interesting week-end and it is fast going to be my bedtime.
I am so excited about having another little grandson! I just noticed that Sarah Beth has blogged his name! Ryan told me days ago and I had to promise not to tell. It has been difficult because having a child named after me just brings me to tears! His name is, Jude Monroe Hawk, it means Praise and the Monroe is after Sarah's dear grandfather and my late father in  law, Jesse 's family. Monroe was not Jesse's name but several of his family members from years ago have the name. Monroe means from the river and of course is Irish . So we are praying for Jude Monroe Hawk. to arrive safe and sound and grow up to be a man that will praise the Lord!
My grandchildren, Tori, Austin, Liam and Jude are the blessings of my life and along with their parents, my darling Andrea and Kevin with their little ones to follow.
Good night

Monday, February 20, 2012

This time of the year

This time every year I struggle with depression. I know it is coming, I try to not get down but it is always hard to get past Feb 23. This is Shannon's birthday. I lost my first-born and only son in a freak accident many years ago. I do not know for certain how this effects all mothers that have out lived their children. What are we suppose to do? I like to remember the happiness of his birth, how he looked,how proud it felt to have a son. I have had his pictures out the past week. I look at them and remember the good times. Yes, it is sad and hurtful but lots of women never have a child or a son or have a child that is healthy and makes it to be 19 years old. Shannon was a very special young man, so big in size with a heart that was tender. I look at men his age and think about if he was still with us. I was blessed to have known a sweet boy that loved his mother. I know there is no way to understand why things happen the way they do. It is true what someone told me years past that time would be my friend, the grief would be less and I would be happy again. I am happy but there is still a place in my heart that is empty, there are days the grief feels raw with pain, but time has made things better. I actually go days without thinking about him, sleep weeks without dreams filled with his laughter or nightmares of reliving the loss. God did not leave me even though I was angry and thought I hated him. Instead, he sent his people to help me through that terrible time. He blessed me with another child , grandchildren to enjoy, years of watching my girls grow up healthy and three wonderful son-in-loves!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Week-end Blessings
Had a nice skype with the Hawks in Nashville, Liam was having a great time playing,
Needed rest because of the very long hours I worked last week-end. So I went to bed early.
Got to visit with Scott and Austin for a bit, Austin was changing from basketball shoes etc to baseball gear,he was going to baseball practice, then basketball again last night.
Hope to see Stacey and Tori before heading back to NWA.
Watching church on T.V. today, glad to get some spiritual food without getting out today.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year 2012

I am excited to have a brand new year! Last year was a year of extremes for a lot of us. The record snow and low temperatures led us to the other extreme record breaking heat and very dry summer. I have written several times about silver linings and this one sounds
crazy but true, I was very sick for three months and did not have to be out in the heat. My heart went out to those that were working.
Being sick was maybe the way my Father wanted me to experience how much love there is in my life. I was thankful for Andie staying with me at the hospital both trips. Kevin came and spend his vacation at my house and also made trips driving me to the appointments in North West Arkansas. Friends from far and near made visits, cooked , cleaned, ran to the store and most of all lots of prayer support. My neighbors were awesome to water the plants and continued to check on me. Stacey and her family encouraged me and Sarah , Ryan , and Liam came for a couple of days. I was also very thankful for the sick pay that helped me make it through.
I made two trips to Nashville last year. I went out in March to keep  Liam while Ryan was out of town. It was a blast getting to have that baby all to myself. He is the best baby I have ever been around. Auntie Barb from Cleveland, Tn. met me at Sarah's and spent one night. It happened to be the night the moon was huge. She had her photography equipment with her so not only did she take shots of the moon but also got some great Liam pictures. She treated us to a wonderful Italian lunch!
In May we lost my dear father-in -law, Jesse Graves AKA Peepaw. He had been ill for many months so it wasn't a big surprise but very hard for many people. Guess I am at the age that I will be saying good-bye to friends and family. Joyce Coats, Gene Harp, and Dutch Houston are  other dear friends that are in Glory now.
I got to see my brother once on my way home from Nashville. He showed up at my house one Friday early in September to visit. He spent the night and went to the Greenwood/Shiloh football game.
In October my big birthday arrived and the kids sent flowers to my work!! Scott and Stacey and family took me to Nashville with them to visit the Hawks again and to the razorback game. I was still pretty weak but it was an awesome fun time.  Stacey and Scott put down a new floor in my kitchen for my birthday!  Most of the week-ends were spent watching my grandson, Austin play pit bull football. His fifth grade team was  runner up for the championship. I was so proud of Austin. He did a great job playing on the line both offense and defense!! I know how fun the next few years will be watching him play!
 Thanksgiving I met Barb at Jerry's in Clarksville. The first time in my life to be away from my kids. It turned out fine, we had a great time cooking and eating. I got to know Jennifer and her twin daughters (she is Jerry's girl friend)
It seemed like no time and it was time to go see The Nutcracker. I always go for one reason and that is to watch a certain granddaughter dance. She did a great job and made me very proud.
I am always a bit sad at Christmas, I miss my parents and Shanon. Sometimes we need to realize how important each day is when our families are healthy and well. That can change in only a second.
I cooked lunch on Christmas eve for Stacey and her family, Andie and Kevin and Mr Deaver. Sarah and Ryan are always stuck in Nashville because of Sarah's job. I worked Christmas day, first time in many years.
So what will I plan for 2012? I am going to be still and listen to where God wants me to go. I did not do a Bible study this past year and sure have missed being in the word. I know it is not healthy or God's will for me to be so focused on my work. I am praying for the focus of my life to be on HIM.
One thing for sure, this year will be like all the others, there will  be good and bad days. I will find joy and heartbreak but the hope and faith I have in Jesus over comes the bad.