Thursday, August 11, 2011

Silver Linings are Blessings!

I love the rain in the summer! Especially, this summer. It has been like a desert here for weeks, more like Arizona instead of Arkansas. No rain for weeks gave us dead grass and the trees are almost without any leaves,
I always think about the rainbows God has blessed me with. A few years back when I was especially troubled God gave me a triple rainbow!
I think it is interesting how we always appreciate the good weather, good times, etc. when things have been bad for a long time. Much of the time we stay busy and don't notice all we are given.
When I had cancer and lost my hair it did not bother me. Friends did not believe me because they know me and are very aware of my fault of vanity. Actually, it was a blessing not to have to worry about my hair. My husband would rub my head and tell me how little and pretty it was. Not being able to see where to stop the make-up was a challenge and my head was cold. Most days no make-up and my man's orange hunting toboggan solved those issues. No hair on my legs to shave, see blessings galore!
Spending the past weeks ill and in the bed most of the time made me sad, nervous, lonely etc. But the infection got better each day, my home health nurses were awesome, friends from far and near showed up to help. They cleaned, cooked, brought lunch and dinners. My kids all came to help at different times and ways.
 For the first time in years I feel rested! I have not been suffering from Fibromyalsia at all!
Try to see the good with the bad it sure helps to get through most things life throws at us!!