Sunday, March 27, 2011

Vacation Was A Blessing

 I had a great trip to Nashville. I am getting used to making the drive. It isn't bad at all. I was tired when arriving. However, most days when Sarah got home JuJu got a good long nap. I wam amazed  Liam is almost six months old!! He is growing fast. He is adorable in every way. I can set and watch him sleep and it brings me great joy to be his grandmother. He looks a lot like Sarah but I see Ryan also.  His mommy makes his baby food! She is starting him on the more perfect foods, oatmeal, sweetpotatoes, avacado, bananas. Liam like the food and will eat every single bite.
I was sad to leave but work awaits me in the morning! I was able to stop in Forrest City and see my brother and my nephews for a little while. John made me a sandwich, baby swiss cheese, cajun turkey, he even cut it in four pieces just the way our mom made sandwiches for us.
Yesterday, I got to spend a little time with Tori. Her family was in NWA for Austin's baseball turny. The game was delayed due to bad weather. Tori was bored and wanted to come on  home so she came down the mountain with me. I enjoyed her company very much. She is a beautiful sweet young lady.
I was happy to get in my bed last night. I did not get up in time for church. That was not good, since the Lord gives me so many blessings I should have gotten up.
I must get in a better frame of mind, the job this week will be hard. I have to work the week end. I know I will be depending on God to give me strength to get the work done.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring Break in Nashville 2011

I am sure it has been mentioned many times,"there is nothing as special as being a grandparent", it is the truth.
I am blessed to have three healthy beautiful grandchildren. There are no words to explain the deep love in my heart for these young children.
Liam David Hawk, the youngest, only 5.5 months needed a baby sitter this week. His daddy is his caregiver during the day while his mommy works. Since daddy had a chance to play music this week I decided to help out and come to Nashville . I had him  by myself yesterday and it worked out great! He is just adorable
I  lived close by when Tori  and Austin were little. I spent lots of time with them.
I have found it very difficult being so far away from Liam. I have wondered if we would have as close of a bond as the other two.
God blessed me so much by not only giving us a new baby, but making it possible for me to have a job with vacation time. I am very thankful to be healthy enough to come help.
I am so in love with this new grandson.
He is so sweet. His smiles are beautiful, his voice is so funny as he speaks the baby language. He is a very good baby. Sarah and Ryan are doing a great job taking care of him. I hope the rest of my time here goes well. I am cherishing each moment.

Saturday, March 5, 2011


Saturdays when I was a kid meant great t.v. in the  morning and then lots of time to play in the afternoon. I loved getting up on Sat. morning and putting the snicker bars in the freezer, they would be so good for the afternoon snack. I loved to watch cartoons, Mighty Mouse, Tweety Bird, etc. Then the great Sky King, Fury, My Friend Flicka, no wonder all kids wanted horses. I was blessed to grow up with so much fun in a small town. My grandkids are always going some place, they are so busy with ativities. I know their parents are great and good to drive them to all of the things they do. I am just glad that when I was a kid, Saturday was a day to just play! So another blessing to count, the good ole days, riding bikes, playing hop scotch, swinging, eating ice cream, and talking to friends. I loved to walk to the drug store and buy a soda. Maybe eat a plate of home fried potatoes with a homemade roll. Life was easy time seemed forever, now the time goes by so fast I forget to turn the page on the calender at the start of a new month. Seems like yesterday was Christmas and now we are almost to Easter...
My bradford pear trees are blooming, the dogwood is almost ready to bloom. I am so much better than a year ago. So blessed with so much and am glad to know how many friends I have.
God is good all the time....