Saturday, May 31, 2014

Time flys

May 31, 2014
Didn't see a rainbow today but sure looked for one. I found this picture and decided I would have my rainbow anyway. I think about promises when  I see the rainbows, the day we buried my son, Shannon I saw the most vivid incredible one ever in my life. It was God speaking to my broken heart. I did not think that at the time but the Little Rock paper published the picture of it and I have it laminated. Rainbows are certainly blessings!
Tori had her 16th birthday, May 18. we did not have a family dinner but today I was finally able to spend some time with her at the coffee shop and give her the birthday gifts I had saved for her. We had a great visit. She is such a sweet young lady, blessed with a huge amount of talent. She is a bit quirky , love how she communicates with me. I believe she has a mind of her own and will make her on decisions in life. She is her own self and doesn't feel she has to be like others around her, I call that a double dip of self confidence ! My prayer for her is to drive safely, to follow her dreams, know she is loved and to show kindness to others. Most of all to remember that she does not have to worry and Jesus will carry her. Thankful for being this humans grandmother!!!

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Update of JuJu's blessings 2013 and the new Year

New Year 2014

It was so lovely that my family was able to all be together this New Year's day. I love that Stacey was available to take this picture of me and my grandkids. 2013 had it ups and downs, especially difficult was the loss of my dearest childhood friend, Agnes Mitchell. She was my rock and I miss her each day and especially late at night. We talked on the phone so many late nights. I have to admit that I am getting older and now will be saying goodbyes as those I have known reach the end of their time on earth, I laugh to myself as I used to think my mother was so morbid to always be going to funerals. I feel terrible about my silly feelings and misunderstanding, momma was saying goodbyes to those she loved so much. Perspectives change once we begin to experience life at different ages.
I was very ill in June when I had a pretty severe GI bleed caused by a stress ulcer. Dr's told me I was lucky that I did not die. I got great care at the Mercy hospital in Fort Smith and was double blessed that Andie was able to stay with me and make sure things were done correctly.
It was not fun being so sick and the recovery seemed to take much longer than I could imagine.
The good times in 2013 were the times I spent going to Nashville to see Ryan receive his Masters, the visit with my brother, John Tom and his family, attending Mary Garton's wedding in March. She is such a beauty and I love her like my own daughter. A dear hometown friend, Becky came for one night, she was in Danville for her class reunion and I was able to have her come see me. What a nice dinner we had meeting up with some more friends from years ago. Watching Austin play ball, watching Tori dance, seeing Andie and Kevin buy their first home. Time spent taking Tori and Austin places, or having them hang out or spend the night with me. Stacey and Scott were always gracious to have me over for dinner or a movie. Thanksgiving was spent with DD and Tootie Martin and their family. I only had the one day off work, my kids were all busy so I crashed the Martin's  relaxing mountain top home I was blessed to have Sarah and her family spend a week with me at the end of the year. I worked very hard this past year and it looks to stay the same for at least a few more months. Love my friends at work and thankful I do have the health to keep working. I had a nice surprise from a dear college friend that brought me a great Christmas gift and took me to a great place for lunch. I even got a foot massage. Hope this friend will move closer so we can have some fun.
I am so thankful for all my many blessings, appreciate the prayers from my friends and the many friendships I have from the past and new ones I make. I am so privileged and undeserving, I need to do more for others. I pray for more strength this year to be able to do more fun things, work just takes too much of my energy! Now looking forward to 2014, I intend to take a vacation someplace not spend my time off with some health issue.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

My Granddaughter is 15

May 18, 1998 my first granddaughter, Victoria Michelle Archer was born. Tori, has been one of JuJu's very best blessings. Time has passed so fast that I am amazed that she is 15. I have watched this young lady with tons of personality , brains, and beauty grow up. I am so happy to have lived and am now living close to her. I remember when Tori was a toddler how much she loved me. I felt so loved by her and still do. We have a special relationship that is hard to explain. Being her grandmother is just wonderful. We share each other's secrets and I giggle with her like I am another teenager. I was not close to my grandmother, never really understood the problem between us. So, I do my best to let Tori know I love her so much and am proud of everything she does. She is an artist, just found this out about 8 months ago. I think this is why she always wanted to make a mess with colors or markers! She sings like an angel ,she is winning scholarships for her talent dancing. I know she is blessed with so much . My prayers for her are many but most of all I want her to know how much she is loved.

Monday, April 1, 2013

 30  years ago tomorrow it snowed between the drive from Clarksville to Eureka Springs, it was raining that afternoon when we were married. The next day was beautiful and there were many more beautiful days priceless memories that will always be blessings stored away inside my heart. I gave my heart away to someone I will probably never understand. I thought I did, I truly believed that it was what the Lord wanted me to do. When the sad time came he was there to help, we raised two beautiful smart daughters, we shared many blessings. Sure there were hard times, days I wanted to throw in the towel but he could make me laugh like nobody else and I decided to stay. Decades passed the girls grew up, he left for a different life, but much remains of us. Because we fell in love there are two beautiful grandsons with both our genes. I would do it all over again for them and for our daughters and for how much I know he loved me, It was worth it and it was a blessing and not a mistake, I had the best years and they will be well rememebered as blessings.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Grandson number 3, Jude

Thanksgiving 2012
I had a nice dinner with my Stacey and her family on Thursday and had the next three days off work. Andrea and Kevin had to work and of course Sarah, Ryan and Liam were all the way to Nashville so I was hanging out at home. I had talked with Ryan on Saturday and just got a feeling that there might be something going on with Sarah. Jude was not due to arrive until the end of December but since Liam came early I was not surprised when Ryan called me back and told me they were at the hospital monitoring Sarah's contractions. It was great that our dear Kirsten was visiting and available to care for Liam. Sunday afternoon the doc decided to send Sarah home for bedrest and medication. I thought to myself that it was not going to work but still prayed for her to go a few more weeks or even days. Jude decided he was ready to come so back to the hospital for the C section and Jude arrived around 830 pm, six pounds and 12 oz. Ryan called to see if I could come to help I had to go in and do payrole , then pack and get headed east. I was very blessed with enough paid day off to stay for 10 days. Oh the best days are those when the babies come and there is so much love in my heart for this little boy. Jude had issues with breathing, something that was not a problem for Liam. Liam had low weight and jaundice issues. Jude had periods of apnea but otherwise did well. I think we were allvery happy with the NICU. I was so glad to enjoy time with Liam. He is so much fun and filled with energy. I think he is such a good little guy and happy almost all the time. I was just glad to be there  so Sarah  and Ryan could go back to see Jude . Their  church and friends brought lots of great food but nobody could take care of Liam. I truly believe he and I bonded this visit. I can come to tears easily when I think about how far away he lives. I love how he says, "juju' and also calls "mom, mom" for me. Sarah said he keeps looking for me since I left.
About Jude, he is adorable with lots of hair. His hair is lighter in color than Liam's and he looks more like Ryan. Sarah had similar hair but her's was actually silver ( I have only seen one other baby with silver hair) It will be fun to watch how he changes in the months to come. He has the sweetestchuby cheeks, such long fingers and feet. It is hard to say if he has the chin dimple like Liam and Ryan because his face has more fat. It was very difficult to say goodbye and go back home on Wednesday but Jude came home that evening. From what I hear from the Hawks they are all doing great. It is not easy for me to live this far away. I am blessed to be close to Tori and Austin and very happy to have my job back in Fort Smith. Thankful also for Skype and being able to use the modern technology for communication.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

A short Visit with Liam and Sarah

September 22, 2012
Sarah and Liam made the trip from Nashville to Silaom Springs for her 10th high school reunion. I was very happy I got to have them at my house Saturday afternoon until Sunday morning. Liam seemed to have grown several inches, his legs are really long. He enjoyed the toys at my house and taking a bath with new bath toys I have for him.
Sarah looks very beautiful 26 weeks pregnant with Jude. She calls him tornado jude as he moves a lot more than Liam.
My prayers continue to be for her to go to term with this little boy and for him to grow up healthy and strong!
Oh, so many blessings in my life.
Very busy at work with people off and having to fill in as lab assistant , technologist and manager!
I am excited about October , my favorite month is almost here!!
God is good all the time, Liam on the trip home! Tori now a member of the National Honor Society (four generations) friend Mattison

Sunday, August 19, 2012

August 2012

I have not spent time writing JuJu's blessing in a long time. This doesn't mean that I have not been noticing the many blessings in my life.  
Tori, my granddaughter is 14 and I am looking up at her, I think she is about three inches taller than me. She danced classical ballet this spring in Canada and then western Arkansas ballet performed the play, The wizard of Oz, They did an awesome job, Tori danced the part of a flying monkey !
Austin played all summer on two baseball teams. It has been so hot that I did not go to many games this year. He did a great job my making not only the church league all star team but was chosen for the All State All Tournament team. I did make it to both of these events. I am very proud of my family!
My vacation was from July 9-24. I spent two nights in Forrest City with my only and favorite brother, JT AKA John Tom. I enjoyed time with him, Carolyn and my favorite twin nephews. I was so proud of how well mannered these two young men are. They have changed and grown up a lot in this past year. We went to Memphis one day and was happy the weather was cool. I had never been to Mudd Island .It was the perfect day to walk across the mighty Mississippi River and check this place out. I think my brother knows more history than is normal. He made the visit very enjoyable. We walked down Beale street until we were hungry. We visited Carolyn's sister at her lovely old home , I enjoyed all of her vintage furnishings. As the day came to an end we all had dinner before back to JT's to crash. I was up early on Wednesday to head on to Nashville. It was an easy drive with rain but not too hard. I was so happy to see the Hawks! Liam has grown from a baby to a little boy since I had seen him in March. I had learned in May about another little Hawk due in December so the hug from Sarah was very good. She looked good but tired. I bought a new ice cream maker so she could try a great recipe while I was there. I was the fill in baby sitter on Thursday and on Tuesday. Sarah was able to take Saturday off so we went out to lunch and some shopping. I always enjoy Nashville ! I went to worship with them and out to brunch at a very good place. They had taken me out to eat Greek on Friday evening and it was very good. Liam is such a sweet little boy and so much fun. He is good natured all the time and only fussed when waiting for his milk. He loves all kinds of foods and this is something to be thankful for. Sarah was so picky that I had wondered if her child would be the same.
I returned home a few days before going back to work. I wanted to spend time with Kevin and Andrea and they were able to come stay one night with me. I took them out for steaks and some shopping.
So the big thing to look forward to is the birth of my fourth grandchild and third grandson, what a blessing!