Sunday, May 19, 2013

My Granddaughter is 15

May 18, 1998 my first granddaughter, Victoria Michelle Archer was born. Tori, has been one of JuJu's very best blessings. Time has passed so fast that I am amazed that she is 15. I have watched this young lady with tons of personality , brains, and beauty grow up. I am so happy to have lived and am now living close to her. I remember when Tori was a toddler how much she loved me. I felt so loved by her and still do. We have a special relationship that is hard to explain. Being her grandmother is just wonderful. We share each other's secrets and I giggle with her like I am another teenager. I was not close to my grandmother, never really understood the problem between us. So, I do my best to let Tori know I love her so much and am proud of everything she does. She is an artist, just found this out about 8 months ago. I think this is why she always wanted to make a mess with colors or markers! She sings like an angel ,she is winning scholarships for her talent dancing. I know she is blessed with so much . My prayers for her are many but most of all I want her to know how much she is loved.

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