Monday, April 1, 2013

 30  years ago tomorrow it snowed between the drive from Clarksville to Eureka Springs, it was raining that afternoon when we were married. The next day was beautiful and there were many more beautiful days priceless memories that will always be blessings stored away inside my heart. I gave my heart away to someone I will probably never understand. I thought I did, I truly believed that it was what the Lord wanted me to do. When the sad time came he was there to help, we raised two beautiful smart daughters, we shared many blessings. Sure there were hard times, days I wanted to throw in the towel but he could make me laugh like nobody else and I decided to stay. Decades passed the girls grew up, he left for a different life, but much remains of us. Because we fell in love there are two beautiful grandsons with both our genes. I would do it all over again for them and for our daughters and for how much I know he loved me, It was worth it and it was a blessing and not a mistake, I had the best years and they will be well rememebered as blessings.

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