Sunday, December 9, 2012

Grandson number 3, Jude

Thanksgiving 2012
I had a nice dinner with my Stacey and her family on Thursday and had the next three days off work. Andrea and Kevin had to work and of course Sarah, Ryan and Liam were all the way to Nashville so I was hanging out at home. I had talked with Ryan on Saturday and just got a feeling that there might be something going on with Sarah. Jude was not due to arrive until the end of December but since Liam came early I was not surprised when Ryan called me back and told me they were at the hospital monitoring Sarah's contractions. It was great that our dear Kirsten was visiting and available to care for Liam. Sunday afternoon the doc decided to send Sarah home for bedrest and medication. I thought to myself that it was not going to work but still prayed for her to go a few more weeks or even days. Jude decided he was ready to come so back to the hospital for the C section and Jude arrived around 830 pm, six pounds and 12 oz. Ryan called to see if I could come to help I had to go in and do payrole , then pack and get headed east. I was very blessed with enough paid day off to stay for 10 days. Oh the best days are those when the babies come and there is so much love in my heart for this little boy. Jude had issues with breathing, something that was not a problem for Liam. Liam had low weight and jaundice issues. Jude had periods of apnea but otherwise did well. I think we were allvery happy with the NICU. I was so glad to enjoy time with Liam. He is so much fun and filled with energy. I think he is such a good little guy and happy almost all the time. I was just glad to be there  so Sarah  and Ryan could go back to see Jude . Their  church and friends brought lots of great food but nobody could take care of Liam. I truly believe he and I bonded this visit. I can come to tears easily when I think about how far away he lives. I love how he says, "juju' and also calls "mom, mom" for me. Sarah said he keeps looking for me since I left.
About Jude, he is adorable with lots of hair. His hair is lighter in color than Liam's and he looks more like Ryan. Sarah had similar hair but her's was actually silver ( I have only seen one other baby with silver hair) It will be fun to watch how he changes in the months to come. He has the sweetestchuby cheeks, such long fingers and feet. It is hard to say if he has the chin dimple like Liam and Ryan because his face has more fat. It was very difficult to say goodbye and go back home on Wednesday but Jude came home that evening. From what I hear from the Hawks they are all doing great. It is not easy for me to live this far away. I am blessed to be close to Tori and Austin and very happy to have my job back in Fort Smith. Thankful also for Skype and being able to use the modern technology for communication.

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