Saturday, September 29, 2012

A short Visit with Liam and Sarah

September 22, 2012
Sarah and Liam made the trip from Nashville to Silaom Springs for her 10th high school reunion. I was very happy I got to have them at my house Saturday afternoon until Sunday morning. Liam seemed to have grown several inches, his legs are really long. He enjoyed the toys at my house and taking a bath with new bath toys I have for him.
Sarah looks very beautiful 26 weeks pregnant with Jude. She calls him tornado jude as he moves a lot more than Liam.
My prayers continue to be for her to go to term with this little boy and for him to grow up healthy and strong!
Oh, so many blessings in my life.
Very busy at work with people off and having to fill in as lab assistant , technologist and manager!
I am excited about October , my favorite month is almost here!!
God is good all the time, Liam on the trip home! Tori now a member of the National Honor Society (four generations) friend Mattison

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