Saturday, January 11, 2014

Update of JuJu's blessings 2013 and the new Year

New Year 2014

It was so lovely that my family was able to all be together this New Year's day. I love that Stacey was available to take this picture of me and my grandkids. 2013 had it ups and downs, especially difficult was the loss of my dearest childhood friend, Agnes Mitchell. She was my rock and I miss her each day and especially late at night. We talked on the phone so many late nights. I have to admit that I am getting older and now will be saying goodbyes as those I have known reach the end of their time on earth, I laugh to myself as I used to think my mother was so morbid to always be going to funerals. I feel terrible about my silly feelings and misunderstanding, momma was saying goodbyes to those she loved so much. Perspectives change once we begin to experience life at different ages.
I was very ill in June when I had a pretty severe GI bleed caused by a stress ulcer. Dr's told me I was lucky that I did not die. I got great care at the Mercy hospital in Fort Smith and was double blessed that Andie was able to stay with me and make sure things were done correctly.
It was not fun being so sick and the recovery seemed to take much longer than I could imagine.
The good times in 2013 were the times I spent going to Nashville to see Ryan receive his Masters, the visit with my brother, John Tom and his family, attending Mary Garton's wedding in March. She is such a beauty and I love her like my own daughter. A dear hometown friend, Becky came for one night, she was in Danville for her class reunion and I was able to have her come see me. What a nice dinner we had meeting up with some more friends from years ago. Watching Austin play ball, watching Tori dance, seeing Andie and Kevin buy their first home. Time spent taking Tori and Austin places, or having them hang out or spend the night with me. Stacey and Scott were always gracious to have me over for dinner or a movie. Thanksgiving was spent with DD and Tootie Martin and their family. I only had the one day off work, my kids were all busy so I crashed the Martin's  relaxing mountain top home I was blessed to have Sarah and her family spend a week with me at the end of the year. I worked very hard this past year and it looks to stay the same for at least a few more months. Love my friends at work and thankful I do have the health to keep working. I had a nice surprise from a dear college friend that brought me a great Christmas gift and took me to a great place for lunch. I even got a foot massage. Hope this friend will move closer so we can have some fun.
I am so thankful for all my many blessings, appreciate the prayers from my friends and the many friendships I have from the past and new ones I make. I am so privileged and undeserving, I need to do more for others. I pray for more strength this year to be able to do more fun things, work just takes too much of my energy! Now looking forward to 2014, I intend to take a vacation someplace not spend my time off with some health issue.

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