Saturday, March 5, 2011


Saturdays when I was a kid meant great t.v. in the  morning and then lots of time to play in the afternoon. I loved getting up on Sat. morning and putting the snicker bars in the freezer, they would be so good for the afternoon snack. I loved to watch cartoons, Mighty Mouse, Tweety Bird, etc. Then the great Sky King, Fury, My Friend Flicka, no wonder all kids wanted horses. I was blessed to grow up with so much fun in a small town. My grandkids are always going some place, they are so busy with ativities. I know their parents are great and good to drive them to all of the things they do. I am just glad that when I was a kid, Saturday was a day to just play! So another blessing to count, the good ole days, riding bikes, playing hop scotch, swinging, eating ice cream, and talking to friends. I loved to walk to the drug store and buy a soda. Maybe eat a plate of home fried potatoes with a homemade roll. Life was easy time seemed forever, now the time goes by so fast I forget to turn the page on the calender at the start of a new month. Seems like yesterday was Christmas and now we are almost to Easter...
My bradford pear trees are blooming, the dogwood is almost ready to bloom. I am so much better than a year ago. So blessed with so much and am glad to know how many friends I have.
God is good all the time.... 

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