Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring Break in Nashville 2011

I am sure it has been mentioned many times,"there is nothing as special as being a grandparent", it is the truth.
I am blessed to have three healthy beautiful grandchildren. There are no words to explain the deep love in my heart for these young children.
Liam David Hawk, the youngest, only 5.5 months needed a baby sitter this week. His daddy is his caregiver during the day while his mommy works. Since daddy had a chance to play music this week I decided to help out and come to Nashville . I had him  by myself yesterday and it worked out great! He is just adorable
I  lived close by when Tori  and Austin were little. I spent lots of time with them.
I have found it very difficult being so far away from Liam. I have wondered if we would have as close of a bond as the other two.
God blessed me so much by not only giving us a new baby, but making it possible for me to have a job with vacation time. I am very thankful to be healthy enough to come help.
I am so in love with this new grandson.
He is so sweet. His smiles are beautiful, his voice is so funny as he speaks the baby language. He is a very good baby. Sarah and Ryan are doing a great job taking care of him. I hope the rest of my time here goes well. I am cherishing each moment.

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