Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The blessings of family, neighbors, friends when ill

Most people know how I feel about handwashing and bacteria. After all I am the manager of Microbiolgy at a hospital. I read reports from CDC before most doctors have any idea of the lastest scare. The increase of infections due to Staph is not something people are unaware of. June 11 I noticed a red spot the size of a dime on my booty. It did not look like an insect bite. It did not seem infected. I did clean it and used triple antibiotic cream just in case. In less than 24 hours this spot bacame a boil as big as my fist. I felt terrible, started running a fever and decided it was time to get to a doctor. I will not get into all the stupid things that went wrong. Just one point I will make, when you are real sick take someone with you to the doctor. I was admitted to the hospital 72 hours after going to a walk in clinic. I was septic (means blood poisoning) So blessed to have my daughter, Andie come and stay at the hospital with me. I was admitted on Wed afternoon and by Saturday night released to go home. Andie took care of getting me home and she and her husband stayed the week. I kept feeling terrible with fever. The kids took me to see my real doctor on Thursday, he is not in my insurance net work so I had been taken care of by a hospitalist. Since a surgeon was never called to consult about the abscess and no follow up ultral sound done this Dr was very upset, He wanted me back in the hospital for a surgeon to decide to remove this abscess. He did add another antibiotic to hold me over until the surgery. The surgery was done on Tuesday evening. I stayed in the hospital until Friday evening. I have been receiving home health care since, Two IV's daily and a wound vac attached to the surgery site.
The many prayers from friends and families have been very appreciated. Sarah and Ryan sent me a care package from Nashville and a sweet card that Liam even signed! Stacey and her family have been over to help. My neighbors and some church friends have been here. The best was two of my friends from Siloam Springs made the long trip to Greenwood with food . They cleanned my kitchen and spent most of the afternoon with me. I got some lovely flowers from another friend in Siloam. Several lovely cards from as far away as Virginia. I needed the rest but now appreciate my job. I will be so happy to get back on my feet ASAP. I am blessed with much. God is good all the time.

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