Sunday, November 13, 2011

Thankful Days of November

Thankful for my children because they are creative and I steal their ideas!
My blog has been about Blessings, so mentioning things I am thankful for this month really include many of the blessings I have written earlier.
I had a big birthday this year, I am not talking about the age thing but more about appreciating the years and experiences along my journey of "Passin Through"
I am decades old and when talking to a family member yesterday we did speak a lot of how we understand much more about our parents now. I guess it will be this way with my children when I am gone. If I have one very huge regret is the way I treated my mother. I loved her so much but she did drive me mad at times. I know she must have had patience like Job. I said lots of words that can't be taken back, did things I wish I could change, and as bad as I was the more she loved me! I believe if I had committed murder she would have tried to convince everyone including God the person needed to die. It was not a healthy way to raise a daughter, now see here I go again.  I am thankful God gave me to my mother, I really did admire her and after my dear Shannon died I understood why she acted the way she did since she lost her firstborn son also. My mother loved her children and was always telling us how much. She adored her four grandchildren that were born before she passed away. I am almost as old as my mother when she died.
Being thankful isn't hard for us that have been blessed with so many good things and times. It makes me feel guilty sometimes when I remember those less fortunate. There are so many with so little. I pray this year thanksgiving will be an opportunity for us with so much to help someone without.
Beautiful day here, it seems like fall is doing its best to hang on and keep old man winter away!

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