Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year 2012

I am excited to have a brand new year! Last year was a year of extremes for a lot of us. The record snow and low temperatures led us to the other extreme record breaking heat and very dry summer. I have written several times about silver linings and this one sounds
crazy but true, I was very sick for three months and did not have to be out in the heat. My heart went out to those that were working.
Being sick was maybe the way my Father wanted me to experience how much love there is in my life. I was thankful for Andie staying with me at the hospital both trips. Kevin came and spend his vacation at my house and also made trips driving me to the appointments in North West Arkansas. Friends from far and near made visits, cooked , cleaned, ran to the store and most of all lots of prayer support. My neighbors were awesome to water the plants and continued to check on me. Stacey and her family encouraged me and Sarah , Ryan , and Liam came for a couple of days. I was also very thankful for the sick pay that helped me make it through.
I made two trips to Nashville last year. I went out in March to keep  Liam while Ryan was out of town. It was a blast getting to have that baby all to myself. He is the best baby I have ever been around. Auntie Barb from Cleveland, Tn. met me at Sarah's and spent one night. It happened to be the night the moon was huge. She had her photography equipment with her so not only did she take shots of the moon but also got some great Liam pictures. She treated us to a wonderful Italian lunch!
In May we lost my dear father-in -law, Jesse Graves AKA Peepaw. He had been ill for many months so it wasn't a big surprise but very hard for many people. Guess I am at the age that I will be saying good-bye to friends and family. Joyce Coats, Gene Harp, and Dutch Houston are  other dear friends that are in Glory now.
I got to see my brother once on my way home from Nashville. He showed up at my house one Friday early in September to visit. He spent the night and went to the Greenwood/Shiloh football game.
In October my big birthday arrived and the kids sent flowers to my work!! Scott and Stacey and family took me to Nashville with them to visit the Hawks again and to the razorback game. I was still pretty weak but it was an awesome fun time.  Stacey and Scott put down a new floor in my kitchen for my birthday!  Most of the week-ends were spent watching my grandson, Austin play pit bull football. His fifth grade team was  runner up for the championship. I was so proud of Austin. He did a great job playing on the line both offense and defense!! I know how fun the next few years will be watching him play!
 Thanksgiving I met Barb at Jerry's in Clarksville. The first time in my life to be away from my kids. It turned out fine, we had a great time cooking and eating. I got to know Jennifer and her twin daughters (she is Jerry's girl friend)
It seemed like no time and it was time to go see The Nutcracker. I always go for one reason and that is to watch a certain granddaughter dance. She did a great job and made me very proud.
I am always a bit sad at Christmas, I miss my parents and Shanon. Sometimes we need to realize how important each day is when our families are healthy and well. That can change in only a second.
I cooked lunch on Christmas eve for Stacey and her family, Andie and Kevin and Mr Deaver. Sarah and Ryan are always stuck in Nashville because of Sarah's job. I worked Christmas day, first time in many years.
So what will I plan for 2012? I am going to be still and listen to where God wants me to go. I did not do a Bible study this past year and sure have missed being in the word. I know it is not healthy or God's will for me to be so focused on my work. I am praying for the focus of my life to be on HIM.
One thing for sure, this year will be like all the others, there will  be good and bad days. I will find joy and heartbreak but the hope and faith I have in Jesus over comes the bad.

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