Monday, May 23, 2011

May 23, 2011

Last night a terrible tornado hit Joplin, Missouri, this happened about 6:40 PM.  St John's Mercy Hospital was hit the hardest, Over 130 deaths and hundreds not accounted for. The hospital is part of the Mercy System I work for. My heart goes out to all those hurting, those homeless, the ones that have lost everything. If I had the money I would give a fortune to help them.
On the way home from work it was like driving through a flood. I am thankful for a bigger car so being swept away was not a concern. I bought a get well card to send to Peepaw, he has been very ill. I was thinking about going to visit him this past week-end. I did not want to cause additional stress for him or Betty. I prayed for him last night and again this morning.
when I got home this afternoon I noticed my phone had two messages. Jesse passed away about noon today. I spoke with Stacey for a few minutes and was told Andie did not know yet. I did tx Sarah and she responded she was ok and Andie knew.
Peeps was one of my favorite people. He was always very good to me. The day my husband moved out Jesse came in the kitchen crying. He gave me a big hug and told me he was so sorry.
He has been sick since last summer. I went to visit him twice when he was in the hospital, took him chicken and dumplings and fried apples.
I am glad he got to see Liam the two times he was here,
He was a wonderful grandfather to my kids , Even after the divorce he went to Austin's ballgames. I will miss him very much.
Rest In Peace dear Peeps.

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