Sunday, August 19, 2012

Another Blessing!

It has been way too long since I have taken time to blog. This does not mean I have not been noticing all the blessings God keeps on bringing to me,
I could write a ton of things tonight but it has been a long wonderful and interesting week-end and it is fast going to be my bedtime.
I am so excited about having another little grandson! I just noticed that Sarah Beth has blogged his name! Ryan told me days ago and I had to promise not to tell. It has been difficult because having a child named after me just brings me to tears! His name is, Jude Monroe Hawk, it means Praise and the Monroe is after Sarah's dear grandfather and my late father in  law, Jesse 's family. Monroe was not Jesse's name but several of his family members from years ago have the name. Monroe means from the river and of course is Irish . So we are praying for Jude Monroe Hawk. to arrive safe and sound and grow up to be a man that will praise the Lord!
My grandchildren, Tori, Austin, Liam and Jude are the blessings of my life and along with their parents, my darling Andrea and Kevin with their little ones to follow.
Good night

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